New TMI V7.1 Data Released

Date Added: 
Friday, March 13, 2015


We have reprocessed the entire TMI data set from Dec 1997 to Dec 2014.  

Data from Dec 2014 to April 2015 remain as V4 until we reprocess the data later this year.

Users be aware, there are changes in the file format for this new version.  New read routines are provided on the ftp server.

The archive of previous V4 TMI data is no longer available, only V4 data for 2015. Read routines for V4 remain on the ftp server until the 2015 data have been reprocessed.  We recommend not using any V4 data you may have previously downloaded. We also highly recommend not using these last months of V4 data as the quality has diminished since October 1 2014 due to the orbital decline.  See the orbital decline web page for more information.

Summary of Changes:

1. File format is now identical to other RSS bytemap data, with each file containing an array sized (1440x720x7x2).

2. An offset is now applied to cloud liquid water values that permits for small negative cloud values.  This is consistent with other RSS data from SSMIS, WindSat, AMSR, etc.  This helps to remove a cloud-free bias in the data.

3. The TMI data were fully re-calibrated using the same procedure applied to all other RSS radiometers.

4. A diurnal signal present in the emissive antenna has been removed.

5. RFI was removed from the cold mirror.

6. Some large geolocation errors have been removed.

7. The roll of the satellite has been re-calculated.

The result of all these changes is a very clean and temporally consistent data set suitable for climate study.

Details on each of these changes are described further in the TMI Update Document 

If you have any questions, please contact RSS User Support