CCMP V3.1 is now available for 1993-present

Date Added: 
Friday, August 25, 2023

Remote Sensing Systems has released a new version (Version 3.1) of the Cross-Coupled Multi-Platform (CCMP) Oceanic Vector Wind Analysis.

Version 3.1 uses the same processing system as Version 3.0, which is described in Mears, C.; Lee, T.; Ricciardulli, L.; Wang, X.; Wentz, F. Improving the Accuracy of the Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform (CCMP) Ocean Vector Winds. Remote Sens. 2022, 14, 4230.

Changes from V3.0 to V3.1:

  • The current adjusts applied to ERA5 before using in the CCMP VAM have changed slightly. After January 2021, we use the NRT version of OSCAR (OSCAR025-nrt) to do the adjustment.
  • After 2016, use ASCAT-A V2.1.1 instead of ASCAT-A V2.1. (ASCAT-A ends in Nov 2021)
  • Use AMSR2 V8.2 for entire AMSR2 Mission instead of 8.0 (2012-07-02 to present)
  • Ingest ASCAT-B for entire ASCAT-B mission (2012-12-13 to present)

These changes

  • Make it possible to produce CCMP 3.1 with low latency.
  • Improve the quality of the winds after 2012-07-02 due the more accurate AMSR2 wind.
  • Improve the quality of the wind after 2012-12-13 when ASCAT-B is included. ASCAT-B fills in gaps where observed winds were missing.

Before 2012-07-02, V3.1 and V3.0 are identical.