Improved Upper Air Temperatures

Project Title

Improved and Extended Atmospheric Temperature Measurements from Microwave Sounders, PI: Carl Mears

Focus of this work

Remote Sensing Systems has been producing Earth Science Data Records (ESDRs) of Atmospheric Temperature for the past decade. These data records are derived from measurements made by the Microwave Sounding Units (MSUs) and Advanced Microwave Sounding Units (AMSUs), which have flown on polar-orbiting satellites operated by NASA, NOAA, and EUMETSAT. These resulting datasets have been an important part of national (CCSP) and international (IGPP) assessments of climate change, as well as providing a basis for a number of independent studies of climate change. The continuation, validation, and improvement of these datasets are of fundamental importance to our ability to continue to monitor long-term changes in atmospheric temperature. 

In this project, we are performing a major upgrade to our existing calibration and intersatellite merging system. The upgrade consists of improvements to our calibration methods, improved detection of anomalous measurements caused by Radio Frequency Interference and heavy precipitation, and inclusion of data from the upcoming Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder.

This work is pertinent the the following missions:  MSU / AMSU

This work is pertinent to the following measurements:  surface air temperature