Marty Brewer

Manager, IT Services

Office: 707-545-2904 x24


Marty Brewer's interests and expertise include scientific data visualization and interface design, development and management of the semi-operational data processing facility at REMSS, and data product analysis and quality assurance. Marty excels at publishing effective and useful browse imagery with intuitive, easy-to-use navigation interfaces. Marty enjoys building web based visualization tools that are a valuable resource for data producers here at REMSS as well as scientific data users throughout the world and the general public. Effective data visualizations provide an important component of data quality assessment and assurance for the production team, and contribute significantly to the scientific community's understanding and ease of access to the data products.


  • Development of REMSS data processing facility with contributions in the areas of hardware implementation and maintenance, network infrastructure, and computer security.
  • Increased operational reliability at REMSS through research and implementation of fault tolerant and redundant hardware computing solutions.
  • Manages approximately 100 Terabytes of data storage.
  • Contributed extensively to process automation at REMSS.
  • Worked to identify and mitigate land contamination, sea ice problems, and radio frequency interference (RFI) in microwave measurements.
  • Collaborated on formation and development of near-real-time REMSS storm website.


  • B.S. (1984-1988), Biological Sciences, Stanford University