Evaluating Climate Trends    Single Sensor Products

Monitoring Extreme Weather

MCDC data products are used to detect hurricanes and atmospheric rivers.

Tropical Cyclone and Hurricane Monitoring

The MCDC All-Weather Wind and Tropical-Cyclone Wind products contain wind speeds in rainy conditions, which is ideal for tracking hurricanes.

Atmospheric River Watch

RSS monitors atmospheric river water vapor flux using the MCDC water vapor and winds products. Atmospheric rivers cost cities billions of dollars annually due to infrastructure and property damage from floods. We work in Sonoma County, CA, which is the county most affected by atmospheric rivers. The Atmospheric River Watch webpage shows any detected atmospheric rivers over the past week.

Storm Tracking Archive

Archived storm tracks are available to browse on the RSS Storm Watch webpage. Storm tracking ended when WindSat ceased operation, but we plan to resume storm tracking in the future using Near-Real Time (NRT) ASCAT wind vector data.

Evaluating Climate Trends Single Sensor Products